Recruitment started for several new studies

Several research projects at our department recently started recruiting participants.  Good luck with recruiting!

  • OPERA: the Netherlands study of Optimal, PERsonalized Antidepressant use. 
  • arrIBA: effectiveness and working mechanism of a relatively new treatment for OCD: the Inference Based Approach (IBA).
  • GRIP: effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy focused on suicide prevention (CBT-sp).
  • URIS: Ultra-high Resolution Imaging of the Subcortex in patients with Major Depressive Disorder.
  • RADAR-CNS: Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Central Nervous System Disorders, focusing on depression. We are currently recruiting people from the NESDA study.
  • BrainFit: online cognitive training in older patients with mood disorders and subjective cognitive complaints.
  • TIPICCO: TMS Induced Plasticity Improving Cognitive Control in OCD.
  • BLOK: treating sleep disorders with cognitive behavioral therapy in older patients with mood disorders. 
  • CASPAR: Continuous Assessment for Suicide Prevention and Research.
  • MARIO: Mood And Resilience In Offsping: will start recruiting children of parents with an affective disorder in October.