Research management

The research board (MT onderzoek) of the department of psychiatry Amsterdam UMC/VUmc consists of: 

Management Research Infrastructure

These managers monitor the quality of our research infrastructure:

They can offer support with:

  • Advise on research design and the use of research instruments
  • Making a budget for your research project
  • Advise on the use of modern technology in research
  • Setting up a biobank with biomaterial (Sanne Riemsma)
  • Requesting offers (offertes) for the collection and processing of biomaterial (Sanne Riemsma)
  • Support and advise on METC applications (Melany Horsfall)  
  • Support and advise on project monitoring (Melany Horsfall)
  • Advise on the AVG privacy law (Melany Horsfall)