Support staff

Research assistants and fieldwork support

  • Melany Horsfall
  • and her team (Milou Abrahams, Eva Fris, Anna Pauw, Camille ten Velden, Kim Veenman, Rishendly Busby, Marieke Kuipers, Jantine Beumer, Simone Lamberts).

Our fieldwork team (veldwerk) can offer advise and support with:

  • Setting up your data collection
  • Writing a fieldwork protocol (veldwerkgids)
  • Advise on the recruitment of participants and the use of communication tools
  • Advise on the use of research assistants
  • Lay-out and printing of questionnaires
  • Administration concerning internships 

Datamanagement and local ICT support:

Our datamanagement team can offer advise and support with:

  • Setting up an infrastructure for data collection and data entry
  • Data processing (cleaning and linking of data)
  • Making back-ups of your data
  • Monitoring data quality
  • Advise on storing your data, datamanagement, software and hardware
  • Advise on lay-out of questionnaires for best entry of data
  • Making a budget for datamanagement, data collection and data entry


  • Jolanda van Beetz (secretary Anneke van Schaik,  Ralph Kupka, Christiaan Vinkers)
  • Annemieke van der Lans (secretary Ton van Balkom and support education)
  • Sylvia van Rees (secretary Neeltje Batelaan and support education)
  • Muriel Sarphati (secretary Brenda Penninx, Aartjan Beekman)