Scientific integrity

Good and trustworthy research is based on proper scientific behaviour. Information about scientific integrity and various codes of conduct for research within Amsterdam UMC can be found here. Also check the Research Roadmap of Amsterdam UMC and the APH Quality Handbook.

All our researchers and research managers that are involved in research which fall under the remit of the Medical Research Involving Human Subject Act (WMO) need to be BROK®-certified. This obligatory basic course for clinical investigators (Basiscursus Regelgeving en Organisatie Klinisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek) can be followed online at of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers and needs to be repeated (re-registration) every 3 years.

Research staff involved with (part) of the consent procedure or in contact with research participants need to follow the online training WMO Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training of GCP Central. Students and research staff without contact with participants but who do work with data (herleidbare gegevens) need to follow the light-training WMO-GCP.  GCP trainings are for example the WMO/GCP light course at Amsterdam UMC or the various GCP trainings at GCP Central.

More information about GCP in the document Good Clinical Practice/BROK (Dutch).