Scientific Meeting: Prof. Dr. Eric van Exel

Psychiatry Department of Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc)

The lecture “Knowns and unknowns in electroconvulsive therapy” by Prof. dr. Eric van Exel is part of the monthly scientific (hybrid) meetings of the Psychiatry Department of Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc). Each 3rd Thursday there will be a lecture from 16-17h, followed by drinks.

Location: Grote onderwijsruimte, Oldenaller 1, Amsterdam (close to the VUmc)

Online: Physical attendance is encouraged, but there is online opportunity. 

Accreditation: We have good news for psychiatrists and also now for psychologists/behavioral therapists/ Pedagogues and system therapists. Only they are required to fill in the registration form (link to be created) and afterwards the evaluation form in order to be eligible for accreditation. You also have to sign the attendance list (when you are on location) and evaluation form afterwards. If you don’t do this you will not receive your accreditation point.