Client study Amsterdam

    GGD Amsterdam, Arkin and GGZ inGeest collaborate in a study on the ambulantization of care for people with severe mental illness in Amsterdam.

    Nowadays, more people with severe mental illness (EPA in Dutch: Ernstige Psychiatrische Aandoeningen) live independant, in their own home, instead of in an institution. They receive ambulantory mental health care care. The program Ambulantisering Amsterdam studies the effects of ambulantization from five perspectives: (1) the perspective of the client, (2) of their family/close ones, (3) of the neighbourhood, (4) of the mental health care institution and (5) of the municipality. The aim of this study is to improve the participation of people with serious mental illnesses in our society.

    The client study is part of this ambulantization study. People who suffer from a serious mental illness will be interviewed. They are asked to give their opinion about their quality of life, degree of participation, self-sufficiency, having (psychiatric) crises, stigmatization, purpose in life, need for care and continuity of care. 

    Contact information:

    Rachel Schalkwijk, research assistant or 020 – 788 4687