Phobic disorders (e.g., social anxiety, panic disorder with agoraphobia) have an estimated lifetime prevalence of 19%, and are among the most prevalent disorders according to the WHO. Today’s standard treatment are relatively successful with improvement in up to 60% of the cases, yet there is still substantial room for improvement, especially in treatment resistance patients. Preclinical research has yielded solid evidence that the cannabinoid system is involved in the extinction of treat, presumed to underlie the beneficial effects of exposure therapy with response prevention in anxiety disorders.

    The aim of the research project is to investigate cannabidiol as a new medicine to target the cannabinoid system in the reduction of anxiety disorder symptoms. The research question is whether cannabidiol, as an argument strategy of exposure therapy in patients with phobic disorders (panic disorders with agoraphobia and social phobia), can speed up and/or increase the magnitude of change due to treatment. Patients whom has had previous treatment as usual are targeted specifically since it is this group that needs treatments enhancement the most, and may therefore benefit from treatment enhancement with cannabidiol. All patients will receive exposure therapy (following a treatment protocol). One group will receive additional 300mg cannabidiol before ERP, and one group additional placebo.

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