The MasterMind project (MAnagement of mental health diSorders Through advancEd technology and seRvices – telehealth for the MIND) aimed to make high quality treatment for depression more widely available for adults suffering from the illness by the use of ICT. GGZ inGeest was, together with the VU University Amsterdam, one of the 22 partners in this EU-project.

A major cause of morbidity worldwide, depression is characterised by its high incidence, social cost and proven clinical effectiveness of ICT in its treatment. The goal of MasterMind was to assess the impact of cCBT (computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and video conference for collaborative care and treatment for depression across 10 EU and Associated Countries. More than 5.000 patients were included.

The project identified barriers and success factors to implementing the two services on a large scale in different political, social, economic and technical health care contexts and from the perspective of different stakeholders such as patients, professionals and health insurances. The project has provided recommendations for successful strategies for implementing cCBT and video conference for depression in these different settings, which are bundled in MasterMind’s Policy recommendations.