The NETherlands QUality of life and BIomedical Cohort studies in Head and Neck Cancer (NET-QUBIC_HNC) is a cohort study in which the mental and physical health of people with head- and neck cancer is studied. This project is conducted by the department of Keel-, Neus- en Oorheelkunde / Hoofd-halschirurgie of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc (prof. Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw).

    GGZ inGeest is one of the collaborators in this project, together with the head- and neck cancer centers of  VUmc, UMCG, UMCU en Radboudumc en de NWHHT (Nederlandse Werkgroep Hoofd-HalsTumoren), and the department of Clinical Psychology of VU University.

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