Online sleep therapy for borderline personality disorder

With this project, sponsored by the Dutch Brain Foundation, Hein van Marle aims to improve sleep in patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

BPD is a severe psychiatric disorder with emotion dysregulation at its core, resulting in affective instability and self-damaging behavior. From a neuroscience perspective, sleep plays a crucial role in emotion regulation and emotional memory. BPD patients often suffer from severe sleep disturbances. In this sleep project, Hein will test whether treating sleep problems with an online sleep intervention prior to standard BPD treatment will result in less BPD complaints as well as better sleep. The sleep intervention is thought to sort its effect both through a direct effect on emotion regulation and a synergistic effect on the following BPD treatment (better retention and internalization of the treatment result).

The project is part of the Better nights, better days consortium that investigates the effect of online sleep therapy across different psychiatric disorders.

Contact info:

Hein van Marle