The ParkSpective project is a qualitative study that was designed in a collaboration between researchers from Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, and patient-researchers from the Dutch PD Association (Parkinson Vereniging).

Currently, PD is often approached from a clinical viewpoint, with a focus on symptoms and treatment effects. However, the subjective experience of PD encompasses a range of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and societal factors, that aren’t fully appreciated in this clinical paradigm.

Therefore, the aim of the ParkSpective study is to gain a better understanding of the subjective experience of PD, from the perspective of the individual with PD. A secondary goal is to get more insight in the differences in the view on PD between people with PD and medical professionals, in order to improve communication between the two.

The ParkSpective project encompasses four stages:
1) A qualitative analysis of posts from PD patients on an online forum for peer support.
2) A systematic of qualitative studies on the experience of PD from the perspective of the individual with PD
3) A qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews with people with PD
4) A pilot study comparing the interpretation of interview fragments between medical professionals and patient-researchers with PD

ParkSpective project group:
Dr. S. Rutten, PI
Dr. K. Rutten, co-PI
Prof. dr. O.A. van den Heuvel
Dr. E.E.H. van Wegen
Dr. J.T.C.M. de Kruijf
Drs. R.H. Hagen
Drs. K. Vermunt

Contact information:

Sonja Rutten, Principle Investigator ParkSpectief