GGZinGeest has received a grant to create, implement and evaluate a patient portal (PP). The grant was awarded by ZIN (Healthcare in the Netherlands) through SynQuest, a joint venture of 10 mental health care (GGZ)  institutions in the field of ROM, Routine Outcome Monitoring. The project started November 1 2019 and will continue for 2 years.

We will develop a digital, personal client version of a dashboard within the OMEGA project. OMEGA contains interactive dashboards in which care for groups of patients is represented in figures and graphs. 

The purpose of the patient portal (PP) is to digitally equip individual patients (and possibly their family) to use ROM and treatment-related information during treatment and during transitions between different forms of care. Not only the practitioner, but also the patient must be able to interpret their own ROM (completed performance questionnaires) information.

The PP contains a representation of the patient journey with information about ROM outcomes (course), individual disease and treatment history characteristics, with a timeline, graphs and tables. It empowers the patient to co-decide about the content and follow-up of treatment. Such a PP for psychiatry does not yet exist in the Netherlands.  The content of the screens will be evaluated in focus groups, interviews and through analysis of usage data.

Jeroen Ruwaard  submitted the proposal to ZIN in collaboration with Stasja Draisma. Ho Ming Lau participates as a developer of the patient portal screens. There will be an attention officer for the implementation and evaluation of the use of the screens in a pilot in two outpatient clinics. There are also two interns who are following the Clinical Psychologist training course, who will be doing a policy internship for this project. Stasja Draisma is a project manager.



Stasja Draisma, projectmanager



Example of an English Patient Portal for ROM: