Shared Decision Making

The hospital psychiatry outpatient clinic of Amsterdam UMC/locationVUmc has received a grant to set up, implement and evaluate a “Shared Decision Making” (“Samen Beslissen”) model using ROM. The grant comes from ZIN (Healthcare in the Netherlands) through SynQuest. SynQuest is a joint venture of 10 mental health care (GGZ) institutions in the field of ROM (Routine Outcome Monitoring).

At the hospital psychiatry outpatient clinic we want to work with a systematic interview model for “Shared Decision Making” (“Samen Beslissen”). For this we will use outcome measurements: Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM). The intention is that “Samen Beslissen” is applied in the consultation room with all new patients during the intake, and at important moments of choice during the treatment. One or a few care providers will be trained so new employees will also learn to work with this conversation model.

To support the “Samen Beslissen” model, we will reorganize the ROM of the outpatient clinic in order to make personalized outcome measurement possible. We also want to enrich the ROM by making use of a validated questionnaire to map the personal, bio-psycho-social context of the patient. This questionnaire is called the IMSA: Intermed Self Assessment. We will adjust the visual representation of the IMSA outcomes so it will be directly usable in the consultation room to discuss the personal goals of a patient. This is especially important for patients with SOLK (unexplained physical symptoms) and/or somatic-psychiatric comorbidity.

The design of the e-health environment will be developed in collaboration with GGZ inGeest. GGZ inGeest uses Questmanager (from VitalHealth) and is a participant of SynQuest. Amsterdam UMC/VUmc participates in SynQuest through GGZ inGeest.

The project will be systematically evaluated during and after a period of 2 years in which we prepare and implement “Samen Beslissen” in the hospital psychiatry outpatient clinic. The goal is to structurally embed this model from 2021 onwards and to spread it further.

Contact information:

Annette Boenink, psychiatrist and head of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry location VUmc

E: ad.boenink@amsterdamumc.nlĀ