The Simagery study, a multicenter study, will investigate the prevalence of intrusive suicidal images and thoughts in patients with depression and will evaluate the use of Eye Movement Dual Task (EMDT) as addition to treatment as ususal. The pilot study is conducted at GGZ inGeest, in cooperation with the VU University Amsterdam.

    People suffering from depression may experience reoccurring thoughts regarding death and suicide. These thoughts can be about a possible future suicide, about the consequences of it, or about situations which will lead to suicide. In the Simagery study, people will be interviewed about how often they experience images and thoughts about suicide. This will be followed by a new treatment method called Eye Movement Dual Task (EMDT), where the images are evaluated. This treatment consists of quick eye movements while thinking of pressing images of and/or thoughts of suicide.

    Contact information:

    Executive researcher and PhD student: Jaël van Bentum, VU 

    email:  or

    T: 020-5986615