In the Social Brain Project, persons with changes in social behaviour in older age are examined both on a neurological and psychiatric level. In this project the department of elderly psychiatry cooperates with the Alzheimer Center of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc.

Changes in social behaviour in older age could be a first sign of dementia, but could also be the result of a neuropsychiatric disorder. Certain forms of dementia, such as Fronto Temporal Dementia, and psychiatric disorders such as depression, can be very similar on a symptom level. Symptoms such as social withdrawal, disinhibition and compulsiveness occur in both. 

In The Social Brain Project we examine persons with changes in social behavioural thoroughly to come to a correct diagnosis as soon as possible, because psychiatric disorders can be treated, but dementia can not. With the collected data we study which factors are most predictive for a psychiatric or dementia-diagnosis. Also, we offer psycho-education and contact with fellow-sufferers for people who care for patients with late-onset frontal syndrome.