The international network of STAR (Skills Training and Re-Skilling for carers of People with Dementia) is stimulating the implementation of the STAR e-learning for family carers, volunteers and professional caregivers of people with dementia. STAR started in 2010 and was completed in 2013. Training pilots in UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Italy started in 2012. The departments of psychiatry and nursing home medicine and the Alzheimercenter of the VUmc (prof. Rose-Marie Dröes and Franka Meiland) have been involved in this project.

    All e-learning modules are available at different skills levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and are accompanied by interactive materials such as exercises, videos, games, for a better user experience. Modules are currently available in English, Dutch, Romanian, Italian and Swedish.

    The STAR project has created an educational platform with associated methodology and content for improving the skills of carers for people with dementia. The content is based on leading dementia expertise and is distributed in a three-layer online community structure. In particular, new technology-based interventions for monitoring and supporting are covered by the educational modules. Internet and TV-based distribution is supported. This will enable skilling and re-skilling for appropriate professional care for persons with mild dementia, even when still living in their homes and with their family.