SURENet (Suicide Research Netherlands) is a national research consortium that aims to reduce the amount of suicides in the Netherlands by conducting research. SURENet is initiated by the department of  psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc, GGZ inGeest, the department of clinical psychology of VU University and 113 suicide prevention. 

For years the number of suicides in the Netherlands was around 1500 people a year, however since 2007 this has risen with 36% to 1850 in 2015. For comopatrison: the number of deaths by traffic in the Netherlands was 3,5 times as low. The researchers connected to SURENet wish to contribute to an ambitious long term goal: less than 800 suicides in the Netherlands in 2030. 

SURENet brings together the expertise of leading research groups with (online) mental health care providers and knowledge centeres. Together they will develop research programs that will lead to better knowledge and better interventions for clinical practice, in order to reduce the numbers of deaths by suicide in the Netherlands.

Current research projects at GGZ inGeest: