Scientific quality

Our research projects are closely monitored by scientific and ethical committees. All projects are embedded in the research institutes Amsterdam Public Health or Amsterdam Neuroscience of Amsterdam Research.

  • Research projects which are (partly) executed at GGZ inGeest or work with patients of GGZ inGeest are reviewed by the Scientific Committee GGZ inGeest (CWO: Commissie Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek). All projects need to be registered at the CWO of GGZ inGeest.
  • All research projects need to be embedded at one of the research institutes (Amsterdam Public Health or Amsterdam Neuroscience) by the PI or project leader.
  • Research projects which fall under the remit of the Medical Research Involving Human Subject Act (WMO) need to be reviewed by the scientific quality committees of Amsterdam Public Health or Amsterdam Neuroscience.
  • The approval of the science committee of a research institute is required before a research proposal can be submitted to the Medical Ethical Committee (METc) of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc.

More about the process of registration and reviewing of your research project.