Meetings and talks

The department of psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc and GGZ inGeest organise several meetings and talks to keep each other informed and support each other.
  • Mondays at 11:00: lab meeting or junior meeting at location Oldenaller. The lab meeting is meant for PhD’s/postdocs en senior researchers, once a month a junior meeting for PhD students is organised. The lab meeting consists of 30 minutes presentation and a 30 minutes journal club (discussion of a paper). Contact person lab meetings: Rick Jansen. The schedule for the lab meeting can be found on Sharepoint.
  • Lab meetings Neuropsychiatry. Contact person: Chris Vriend.
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month: Colloquium Psychiatry, department lunch-talk at 12:00 at location Oldenaller (talk in English). 
  • 1st Tuesday of the month: Soma & Psyche talk at VUmc. Contact person: Patricia Logtenberg
  • Some Tuesdays and Thursdays: clinical/research talks at De Nieuwe Valerius at GGZ inGeest, will be anounced in the agenda on intranet GGZ inGeest.
  • Mondays (monthly) KNOP lunch meetings Clinical, Neuro- and Developmental Psychology at the VU University. Contact person: Chani Nuij.
  • Monthly webinar: With new colleagues, presentations of new projects and updates on news, events, practicalities, etc. 
  • 3rd Thursday of the month: Scientific Meeting, research lectures at Oldenaller. Contact person: Christiaan Vinkers (secretary: Jolanda van Beetz).