We kindly requests to use these affiliation addresses in the process of submitting/publishing your paper.

  • Amsterdam UMC: Amsterdam UMC location Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Psychiatry, Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AND 1 (or more) of the following:

  • Amsterdam Public Health, Mental Health program, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Neuroscience, Mood, Anxiety, Psychosis, Sleep & Stress program, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Neuroscience, Compulsivity, Impulsivity & Attention program, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For those who also have an appointment at GGZ inGeest, the following needs to be added too:

  • GGZ inGeest Mental Health Care, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For more information about authorships and guidelines for publishing your results consult the Quality Handbook APH.


All researchers who are part of VUmc psychiatry or GGZ inGeest are obliged to register their output in Pure. Your research output will be presented in the VUmc Research Portal.

Open access publishing

There are many (psychiatric) journals that allow VU/VUmc employees to publish their papers OPEN ACCESS FOR FREE or with a discount. A few examples are Psychological Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine and Depression & Anxiety (free). BMC Psychiatry has a 15% discount. More information on the website of the VU library  NB: The first or corresponding author needs to have a VUmc or VU email address. In the final submission phase you usually click the ‘open access’ option and then select either VU or VUmc. Make sure to check how this works for each specific journal,  as policies might differ.