• Our life expectancy has increased by as much as 35 years over the past century and a half. With these extra years, we also face more physical and mental illnesses. Psychiatrist Birit Broekman wants to better understand and address the complex relationship between physical and mental health. “Physical and mental disorders often go hand in […]

  • Emeritus Professor of Paramedic Care Joost Dekker received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM) on Friday August 25, 2023.  Joost Dekker is a GZ psychologist and clinical psychologist and he has conducted research at the intersection of several disciplines, including oncology, rheumatology, psychiatry/psychology and physical therapy. “Behavorial medicine is […]

  • Laura Han has been awarded the 2022 VENI Grant of NWO/ZonMw. Congratulations! Her project is titled:  Understanding biological aging: the key to a healthier and happier life Depression and anxiety can significantly shorten the lifespan by up to 20 years, but scientists do not fully understand how stress-related conditions accelerate aging processes. The project of […]

  • ‘Childhood trauma increases risk of physical illness’. Prof. Brenda Penninx answers 5 questions on childhood trauma in the new publication of Janus Magazine. Penninx talks about the increasing risk of cardiometabolic disease in people with childhood trauma and other physical illnesses. Furthermore this article is about the NESDA study, MARIO study, prevention and future research. […]

  • Ralph Kupka said goodbye as president of KenBiS, the National Knowledge Center for Bipolar Disorders.  During the meeting on June 30th, 2023, Kupka handed over the gavel to the new president Eline Regeer, and several attendees looked back on his years of chairmanship. At the end of the meeting Ralph Kupka received the ‘Willem Nolen […]

  • The Academic Workplace Anxiety is proud to announce a new publication in JAMA Psychiatry. This publication is the result of a collaboration of the Academic Workplace Anxiety of GGZ inGeest and international colleagues. The main finding in the study is that clinicians of people with social anxiety disorder should not hesitate to use cognitive behavioral […]

  • The first Stress in Action consortium meeting took place 8th and 9th of June, 2023, in Amsterdam.  During the two-day meeting all 50+ consortium members came together for the first time to kick-off the Gravitation programme of the multidisciplinary 10-year research project into stress in daily life. These two days focussed on a general introduction to […]

  • Factsheet EarlyCause out

    The Horizon2020 project EarlyCause recently released a factsheet about their consortium. Click on the image below to acces it.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Almar Kok for receiving a fellowship from ZonMw to study the role of self-reliance in the recovery from psychiatric disorders! The four-year project is called POINTR – Personalized profiles to optimize the use of self-reliance as a target in mental health prevention and treatment. Self-reliance of clients is an important goal in […]

  • Remarkably few negative mental effects of the corona crisis have been reported so far. Despite uncertainty due to and fear of corona infection, people no longer suffer from gloom and fear. This is evident from research by Amsterdam UMC published in Nature Medicine. Researcher Brenda Penninx: “It is hopeful that a large proportion of people […]

  • Annual report 2021 online!

    Our annual report of 2021 is available! In this report you can read all about the achievements of our department in 2021, highlighting several studies and with overviews of publications and dissertations. Enjoy reading!  

  • For the new Stress-in-Action project, funded through a ‘Gravitation’ grant from the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO), we currently have 2 open vacancies that we’d like to share! Vacancy 1: Projectmanager for Stress-in-Action, 24-32 hrs. Interested in making this NWO-funded Gravity project on #stress in daily life, that will run for 10 year, a succes? Read […]