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Anxiety and OCD


Research projects Korte Metten Met Angst (KOMMA) Research project One out of every ten individuals grapples with an anxiety-related disorder, encompassing conditions such as panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, generalized [...]


Research projects TIPICCO Research project The TIPICCO project (TMS Induced Plasticity Improving Cognitive Control in OCD) is conducted as a joint project between the department of psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC/VUmc and [...]


Research projects TETRO Research project Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for patients with exposure therapy-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): TETRO - a multicenter randomized controlled trial Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a serious and [...]

Stress in Action

Research projects Stress in Action Research project Bringing the science of stress to daily-life The Stress in Action (SiA) Consortium aims to gain insight into the causes and consequences of daily-life stress, and [...]


Research projects NOCDA Research project The Netherlands OCD association Study (NOCDA) was conducted from 2008-2016 and included 419 OCD patients in a multi-centre prospective study, in order to determine psychological and [...]


Research projects NESDA Research project Depression and anxiety disorders are common at all ages. Approximately one out of three people in the Netherlands will be faced with them at some time [...]


Research projects ENIGMA-OCD Research project ENIGMA-OCD is a working group of the ENIGMA consortium aimed at bringing OCD research groups together to share neuroimaging and genetic databases. Prof. Odile van den [...]

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