Research projects


All current research projects Amsterdam UMC/VUmc Department of Psychiatry and GGZ inGeest are listed alphabetically below. You can filter on research theme by using the filter function on the right. Also, you can click on a research theme in the menu on the left for a shortlist of our research projects.

  • Amsterdam Ageing Cohort

  • Victimisation among depressive patients

  • Adolescents’ preference for depression treatment

  • Alternative treatment to Reduce chronicity in OCD

  • Autonomy versus CBT in anxiety

  • Body awareness training in Parkinson's disease

  • Biobank Netherlands Internet Collaboration

  • Living with bipolar disorder without medication

  • Pilot study fot treating sleep disorders in older patients with mood disorders

  • Training for older bipolar patients

  • Online cognitive training for older patients with mood disorders

  • Continuous Assessment for Suicide Prevention and Research