Our annual report 2018 is online!  

Our annual report highlights our research projects and societal impact and provides an overview of our researchers and their research output.  Our research group is performing well. This becomes visible through the consistent high number of international, peer reviewed scientific papers produced by the research group. In total 289 papers were published in 2018, of which 38% in the top quartile journals of our research field. Nine PhD candidates, embedded in our department, successfully defended their thesis in 2018. We currently have 94 ongoing PhD-trajectories, which illustrates the vitality of our research group. 

Some highlights in 2018:

  • Royal award for prof. Rose Marie Dröes: named Officier van Oranje-Nassau for her scientific and societal contributions to improve care for people with dementia and their caretakers.
  • Royal award for psychiatrist Jan Mokkenstorm: named Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw for his work on suicide prevention. Jan Mokkenstorm is director of 113, an organization which offers 24/7 anonymous help for people with suicidal thoughts.
  • Two prestigious personal VENI grants from ZonMW for Wouter Peyrot and Birit Broekman. Peyrot will investigate the reliability of new statistical methods to identify causal factors for depression based on genetic data. Broekman will investigate the sleep-depression link, and the influence of sex (steroids) on this relation.
  •  2.9 million Euros from ZonMw for the OPERA project, the Netherlands study of Optimal, PERsonalized Antidepressant use. This project is led by Brenda Penninx and will start in 2019.
  • Two projects funded by the Hersenstichting: CogTips (Cognitive Training in Parkinson Study) led by Chris Vriend and a literature study investigating lifestyle factors preventing brain disorders, led by Ellen Generaal, Mandy Hu and Brenda Penninx.
  • The formation of the Stress-in-action Consortium (www.stress-in-action.nl).