Prof. dr. Birit Broekman, MD, PhD

Professor of hospital psychiatry

Birit Broekman is Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology OLVG a.i., Professor at AmsterdamUMC, and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Dutch Psychiatric Association. Her clinical and research work is focused on the interconnection between psyche and soma, with the aim to improve integrated care for patients with mental and somatic health issues.

She was trained in both Psychology (MA – RUG) and Medicine (Msc, MD, PhD – UvA). After completing her formal training in Psychiatry, she worked as both a clinician and scientist for almost 10 years at the National University Hospital in Singapore. After being back in the Netherlands she completed a clinical leadership programme at Erasmus.

Currently, she is involved in different research projects, related to innovative projects and Value Based Healthcare in the field of Hospital Psychiatry. As a Veni Laureate she gained expertise in perinatal mental health and the relation between sex hormones, mood and sleep.

In her work as a psychiatrist she runs multi-specialist clinics together with various disciplines like pediatricians, infant mental health specialists, endocrinologists and neurologists. Currently she is setting up a Family Baby Unit to help postnatal patients with mental health issues and their partners.

Over the years Birit has build up fruitful collaborations with national and international collegues in psychiatry and other medical specialties. She has been involved in development of education and likes to mentor young clinicians and scientists.

In 2023 Birit obtained the title of endowed professor hospital psychiatry.

Birit Broekman

Contact information

Jan Tooropstraat 164
1061 AA Amsterdam