Dutch Older Bipolars (DOBi)

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DOBi (Dutch Older Bipolars) is a dynamic cohort study that provides naturalistic data on the effect of aging on cognitive functioning, physical health and the clinical course of older patients with a bipolar disorder.

Although the prevalence of bipolar disorder seems to declline with age, still a quarter of patients with bipolar disorder is older than 60 years. Due to our aging society, the absolute number of older patients with a bipolar disorder will increase substantially. In order to tailor specific treatment, more insight in significant clinical, somatic and psychosocial factors is of great importance.

In our first cohort in 2012 we have included 101 patients aged 50 years and over, and included another 120 patients in the second cohort in 2017 and 2018. By using an extensive test battery in order to further characterize this group, data on clinical factors, cognitive functioning, social functioning, family history and inflammation markers has been collected. We have added two smaller studies DOBi in 2017 and 2018: BrainTrain and SPIRIT, both studies in which psychological interventions in this group are further investigated.

Dr. Annemieke Dols is P.I. of the DOBi study. Dr. Nicole Korten and dr. Sigfried Schouws are both senior researchers and Alexandra Beunders (MD) and Melis Orhan (psychologist in training) are PhD-candidates on this research project.

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