Prof. dr. Eus van Someren, PhD

Professor human brain activity of sleep

Eus J. Van Someren is professor of human brain activity of sleep, rest and vigilance at the department of intergrative neurophysiology (faculty of science, VU University), the Netherlands Institue for Neuroscience (Herseninstituut) and the department of psychiatry Amsterdam UMC/VUmc.

Eus is head of the department of Sleep and Cognition at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. ‘Sleep professor’ Van Someren investigates brain mechanisms of insomnia. His team uses many research methods to gain insight, including online surveys, assessment by smartphones and other small devices, genetics, and EEG and MRI to measure brain activity. Concertedly, the methods are starting to reveal the brain circuits involved in insomnia. Van Someren has launched the Netherlands Sleep Registry to collaborate with thousands of volunteering non-scientists. Their ongoing help has shown to be key to several breakthrough findings on insomnia. They can also help to understand and the risk of depression it conveys.

Eus van Someren

Contact information

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Meibergdreef 47
1105 BA Amsterdam, the Netherlands

T +31 20 566 5500