During the annual CaRe days that took place on the 8th and 9th of May in Eindhoven, Margot Metz ended up on a shared 3rd place for the CaRe award 2019. She was nominated based on her thesis study, in which she examined the added value of shared decision-making (SDM) for patients and clinicians in the Dutch specialized mental health care. Metz defended her dissertation ‘Shared Decision Making in mental health care: the added value for patients and clinicians’ on Wednesday the 12th of December.

SDM is ‘hot’ and expected to yield a lot of positive results. Though, SDM is conceptually underdeveloped and also the empirical aspect has not really been dealt with, especially in the Dutch mental health care. This makes SDM a domain with a high relevance, but with a weak conceptual and scientific foothold.

In her thesis study, Metz managed to take major steps forward on both a conceptual and empirical basis. As a result, she has written a set of seven papers, which have all been published in renowned journals. The manner in which Metz has conducted her thesis study has been a prime example of how societal relevance and proper scientific research can go hand in hand while leading to new insights.

Also watch  the interview with Margot Metz on this topic on Youtube (made by the Netherlands Institue of Psychologusts (NIP))