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The MARIO project (Mood And Resilience In Offsping) is a cooperation between Amsterdam UMC/VUmc and Erasmus MC and other organisations, led by prof. Brenda Penninx and prof. Manon Hillegers and coordinated by Melany Horsfall and Annabel Vreeker (from Erasmus MC). 

The biggest risk factor of getting a depression is having parents who have had or have a depression themselves. This is due to both heredity and because these children grow up in a vulnerable environment. More than 50 percent of children with parents who have either had a depression or bipolar disorder, develop a depression or get depressive complaints before the age of 35. Therefore, the Mario project has been established with a main aim to decrease this percentage. Moreover, the project aims to: 1) To better understand the development of intergenerational transmission. 2) The recognise depressive complaints at an early stage in the clinic. 3) To prevent depression to develop through preventive interventions.

Project - MARIO

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