Dr. Mariska Bot, PhD

Assistant professor

Mariska Bot (1985) works as assistant professor at Amsterdam UMC (Department of Psychiatry). Mariska is project coordinator of the OPERA project and was also project leader of the MooDFOOD project. Her research interests include the optimal use of antidepressant medication for depression, and the interplay of depression with diet, obesity, metabolites, and diabetes mellitus. Mariska works on several depression-related projects and as datamanager.

Mariska has a background in Health Sciences and Public Health Research. She obtained her PhD in 2012 at Tilburg University on the relationship between depression and diabetes. Mariska is registered as epidemiologist B, and has BKO and BROK certificates, and is member of the Amsterdam Public Health scientific quality committee. Furthermore, she coordinates the scientific internships of the psychiatry department of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc.

Mariska Bot

Contact information

Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc
Department of Psychiatry
Oldenaller 1, 1081 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Associated projects

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