COGTIPS (Cognitive Training in Parkinson Study)¬†evaluates the efficacy of an eight-week online cognitive training program on objective and subjective cognitive functions in Parkinson’s disease. This study is mainly conducted at the department of anatomy and neurosciences of Amsterdam AMC/VUmc, in collaboration with the Dutch Parkinson Patient Association and involvement of the department of psychiatry.

COGTIPS intends to map the effect on brain network function, and studies if cognitive training can prevent the development of PD-MCI/PD-D after one- and two-year follow-up. In this study, two training groups will be compared (N: 70 vs 70). In a part of the participants MRI will be assessed (N: 40 vs. 40). We expect cognitive training to improve cognitive functions, and to improve the efficiency of brain network function. Moreover, we expect that cognitive training can decrease the risk of PD-MCI/PD-D at one- and two-year follow-up.

Chris Vriend is project leader of this study, Tim van Balkom PhD student.