Research projects department of psychiatry on anxiety and OCD 

Currently active or recruiting:

  • arrIBA – alternative treatment to reduce chronicity in OCD
  • Chemistry of obsessions – investigating OCD using a 7Tesla MRI scanner
  • Generation R – population-based study on neurodevelopment and OCD
  • IEP – intensive exposure for OCD patients
  • OBS – Obsessive-Compulsive brain signatures
  • TIPPICO – TMS induced plasticity improving cognitive control in OCD

Analyzing data:

  • Autonomy study – autonomy versus CBT in anxiety
  • CBD study – cannabidiol use for anxiety
  • Get Ready – E-health for relapse prevention
  • ImpleMentAll – Cost-effectiveness of e-health implementations (EU Horizon 2020 project)
  • NOCDA – Netherlands OCD association Study (cohort study)

International collaborative networks or consortia:

  • ENIGMA-OCD – international network sharing neuroimaging and genetic databases on OCD
  • TS – EUROTRAIN – training network for Tourette syndrome