Research projects

All current research projects at GGZ inGeest and Amsterdam UMC/VUmc Department of Psychiatry are listed alphabetically below. You can filter on research theme by using the filter function on the right. Also, you can click on a research theme in the menu on the left for a shortlist of our research projects.

  • Population-based study on neurodevelopment and OCD

  • E-health for relapse prevention

  • Prevention of suicidal behavior

  • Intensive treatment at home

  • Intensive exposure for OCD patients

  • Cost-effectiveness of e-health implementations

  • Improving dementia care using technology

  • Online treatment of sleep problems in depression.

  • Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam

  • Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Mood and Resilience in Offspring

  • Introducing online CBT in depression