Prepare your research

Before you start your project at GGZ inGeest or the department of psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc, please make sure to register your project at the science committee and at one of the research institutes (see table below). You also need to register yourself at one of the research institutes: APH (Mental Health) or Amsterdam Neuroscience so you will be informed about meetings, courses, funding opportunities/calls etc.

PhD students: read about the necessary steps to start your PhD trajectory.

Our department can offer support in the starting phase of your research project:

  • Practical support or questions about data collection, privacy issues, informed consent, budgets etc: contact
  • Support in searching literature: with an Amsterdam UMC/VUmc account you have online access to the VU library. For creating a Amsterdam UMC account or for support in searching for scientific literature contact our librarian Caroline Planting.
  • Organizing articles in database programs helps you to efficiently cite references within your own articles and thesis. Within Amsterdam UMC/VUmc EndNote is commonly used. The VU library provides user guides and workshops (the courses are free to employees within VUmc/VU). EndNote can be installed for you in VIEW (the VUmc network you have access to with an Amsterdam UMC account) or on your laptop at the local helpdesk ICT at location VUmc. At GGZ inGeest we generally use Mendeley.
  • For research projects embedded in Amsterdam Public Health: read the Quality Handbook APH.

Approval and registration

Medical research with human subjects can commence in the Netherlands only when the research project has been approved by an independent committee of experts (Medical Ethical Committee or METC). This is laid down in the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO). The CCMO website provides information on deciding whether your research falls under the WMO.

Several scientific and ethical committees are relevant for research that is conducted in our department. What needs to be approved by whom before you can start your project, and where should your register your research project? For questions or support contact

Name committee Project needs to be approved or registered
Scientific committee (CWO) GGZ inGeest All projects of GGZ inGeest and Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, psychiatry, need to be registered at the CWO of GGZ inGeest. For research projects which are (partly) executed at GGZ inGeest or work with patients of GGZ inGeest, review and approval of the Scientific Committee GGZ inGeest and management board (Raad van Bestuur) is required.  See also our stroomdiagram (in Dutch).
APH scientific quality committee

All APH Mental Health projects need to be embedded in APH irrespective of WMO. If your project falls under the remit of the Medical Research Involving Human Subject Act (WMO) it also needs to be reviewed and approved by the APH Scientific Quality Committee.

Amsterdam Neuroscience scientific committee All projects that are embedded in Amsterdam Neuroscience need to be registered irrespective of WMO. If your project falls under the remit of the Medical Research Involving Human Subject Act (WMO) it also needs to be reviewed and approved by the Science Committee (CWO)
METc Amsterdam UMC/VUmc All research projects that fall under the remit of the Medical Research Involving Human Subject Act (WMO) should be approved by the Medical Ethical Committee (METc) of VUmc. Within VU/VUmc of Amsterdam UMC an approval of a local science committee of a research institute is required before a research proposal can be submitted to the METc VUmc. Non-WMO research projects need a non-WMO declaration from the METc.
Biobank committee Amsterdam UMC (TcB) All research projects with human samples that are collected in a biobank must be approved by the Amsterdam UMC/VUmc Biobank Committee (TcB: Toetsingscommissie Biobank). 
Amsterdam UMC Centraal Meldpunt Gegegevens verwerking All projects that are part of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc or GGZ inGeest and use personal data from participants need to be registered at the Centraal Meldpunt Gegevensverwerking of Amsterdam UMC. The contact person needs to have a VUmc contract. For questions:
Clinical trial registration All clinical trials need to be registered at either the Netherlands Trial Register , or Current Controlled Trials