Stress in Action

Research project

Bringing the science of stress to daily-life

The Stress in Action (SiA) Consortium aims to gain insight into the causes and consequences of daily-life stress, and to provide a path towards more stress-resilient citizens. Prof. Brenda Penninx of the department of psychiatry Amsterdam UMC/VUmc is coordinator of this consortium.  

The Netherlands possesses internationally renowned scientific leaders in the field of ambulatory assessment of stress response and stress-related diseases, paired to unique large-scale research infrastructures and a solid tradition of methodological and statistical innovation. The Stress in Action (SiA) consortium combines these unique strengths into a highly multidisciplinary collaboration that will put Dutch daily-life stress research at the forefront of science. The Stress in Action consortium consists of over 25 people with multidisciplinary backgrounds. The consortium is affiliated with five universities (VU University, Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Groningen, University of Twente) and their University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC/VUmc, UMCG, EMC).

Stress in Action will provide novel insights into the aetiology of daily-life stress, how it can be reliably measured, how it is impacted by context and individual variation, and how and when its potentially beneficial acute effects on human functioning turn into a detrimental impact on mental and cardiometabolic health. Stress in Action will also enable tailored, personalised feedback on daily-life stress profiles in citizen-owned stress reduction interventions.

Project - Stress in Action

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