Sisco van Veen, MD PhD

Psychiatrist and postdoctoral researcher

Sisco van Veen is a psychiatrist working at the geriatric psychiatry clinic at GGZ inGeest. As a researcher and ethicist he works at Amsterdam UMC and 113 suicide prevention. In 2022 he defended his PhD-thesis on medical assistance in dying for psychiatric suffering. His current research focuses on the intersection between psychiatry and death. He studies suicide prevention, assisted death for psychiatric suffering, advance care planning by patients with a psychiatric disorder and psychiatric complaints in terminally ill patients. Apart from his research he is host of the medical podcast ‘Pillen & Praten’ published by Prelum. He is also the cofounder of ‘ThaNet’ a professional network that aims to improve care for patients with a psychiatric disorder with a persistent death wish or assisted death wish. His work is funded by the Dutch government, the Dutch right to die society and the VCVGZ foundation.

Sisco van Veen

Contact information

De Nieuwe Valerius
Amstelveenseweg 589, 1075 JC Amsterdam
Tel: 020-7885000