Welmoed Krudop, MD PhD

Psychiatrist and post-doctoral researcher

Welmoed Krudop is a psychiatrist working at the clinic for geriatric psychiatry at GGZ inGeest and as a psychiatrist at the Alzheimer centre at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. In 2016 she defended her PhD-thesis on clinical differentiation between the behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia and primary psychiatric disorders. The researched cohort was a novel collaboration between the old age psychiatry wards and out-patient clinics of GGZ inGeest and the Alzheimer centre of Amsterdam UMC and is still being followed and researched. Her research as well as her clinical expertise focuses on neuropsychiatric differentiation and diagnosis, using newly emerging biomarkers in this field. She specialises in diagnosing early onset dementia’s, frontotemporal dementia, comorbid neurodegeneration in psychiatric illnesses and functional cognitive complaints as well as the bvFTD phenocopy syndrome.

Welmoed Krudop

Contact information

De Nieuwe Valerius
Amstelveenseweg 589, 1075 JC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: 020-7885000