Amsterdam UMC Starter grant for study into Immuno-Metabolic Depression

Yuri Milaneschi, assistant professor at Amsterdam UMC, has been awarded a €315.000 Starter grant from Amsterdam UMC for his project ‘Immuno-Metabolic Depression: from populations to cells’

Yuri Milaneschi elaborates: “This project will allow me to further extend the line of research on Immuno-Metabolic Depression from two very different perspectives using a dual lens approach. Firstly, I will use wide-angle lenses and examine Immuno-Metabolic Depression in large-scale epidemiological studies (e.g. NESDA, BIONIC) with a wide array of clinical and biological -omics data. Secondly, I will use microscopic lenses and zoom in on cells that will be collected from the participants of the INFLAMED clinical trials. In collaboration with colleagues of the Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology (Amsterdam UMC), I will examine the type of immune cells and their functioning correlated with Immuno-Metabolic Depression and how they change during treatment. Combining the wide-angle and the microscopic lens approach will allow me to compose a richer and more detailed image of Immuno-Metabolic Depression.”

Congratulations Yuri!

The Amsterdam UMC Starter Grant is a new instrument set out in the national ‘Policy letter for higher education and science’ and corresponding administrative agreement. The aim is to improve continuity of research lines and thereby also reducing the application pressure to the Talent Scheme (NWO). The grant’s budget is to be spent over a period of 6 years!


Amsterdam UMC
Yuri Milaneschi