Dr. Yuri Milaneschi, PhD

Assistant professor

Yuri Milaneschi is assistant professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at the Department of Psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC.

He studied Clinical and Community Psychology and Health Psychology at the University of Bologna in Italy. Since 2010 he is a board-certified psychotherapist. He worked in the field of epidemiology of aging in Italy (InCHIANTI Study, 2007-2010) and the USA (National Institute on Aging, 2010-2012). His main research theme became the study, using the tools of epidemiology, of biological pathways involved in the pathophysiology of depression.

In 2012, he moved at the Department of Psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC and obtained his PhD discussing a dissertation on the “biological aspects of late-life depression”. At the Department of Psychiatry he further developed the investigation of the immuno-metabolic biological pathways involved in depression. Furthermore, he embraced the exciting developments of the genomics era, moving his research questions beyond the study of biomarkers of depression toward its genetic basis. He is currently leading the genetic research activities at the Department and has been involved in several large-scale (psychiatric) genetic studies using GWAS data. Furthermore, he is leading several projects on behalf of international consortia applying metabolomics to depression research.

He published expert reviews on genetic research in depression, the biological mechanisms connecting depression and obesity and, more recently, presenting the concept of “Immuno-Metabolic Depression”. He is currently member of the Scientific Quality Committee of Amsterdam Public Health and co-PI of the new INFLAMED trial testing anti-inflammatory add-on in the treatment of Immuno-Metabolic Depression.

Yuri Milaneschi

Contact information

Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc
Department of Psychiatry
Oldenaller 1, 1081 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T: (+)31-(0)6 2968 0816

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