• The department of psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC, VUmc, has received 300,000 Euros from the Dutch Brain Foundation for the project “Overnight alleviation of anxiety”. Eus van Someren, Patricia van Oppen and Neeltje Batelaan are involved in this project, together with Annemieke van Straten (VU University). The Dutch Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting) has awarded 2 million Euros […]

  • Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ has awarded over 160,000 Euros to Annemiek Dols and Alexandra Beunders for a mixed-methods study in older people with bipolar disorder without medication. This research consists of a quantitative part and a qualitative part and is being conducted by Alexandra Beunders, psychiatrist training in PhD student at GGZ inGeest. Patient experts […]

  • The Dutch Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting) awards 600,000 Euros to psychiatrist and researcher Christiaan Vinkers (Amsterdam UMC) and professor Onno Meijer (LUMC ) for research into the treatment of depression after childhood trauma. The aim of the study is to see whether mifepristone, a medicine that has been used outside of psychiatry for years, can treat […]

  • Two Horizon 2020 grants obtained

    Our department has obtained two EU grants (Horizon 2020). Brenda Penninx, Femke Lamers and Yuri Milaneschi are involved in both studies, focusing on comorbidity of depression and cardiovascular disease, both with a different focus. TO_AITION addresses the hypothesis that immune-metabolic dysregulation, occurring as a result of genetic, lifestyle and environmental risk factors ‘training’ innate immunity, […]

  • Amsterdam Neuroscience has awarded five project proposals from researchers of the department of psychiatry: Application of machine learning to neuroimaging data (ENIGMA related project). Moji Aghajani (BI). The clinical sensitivity, specificity, and validity of neuroimaging in neuropsychiatry remain a major conundrum. Amsterdam Neuroscience has, therefore, awarded a grant (60.000 Euro) to a team of Amsterdam UMC […]

  • Stichting tot Steun and ZonMw have awarded Marcel Adriaanse (Health Sciences, VU) and Berno van Meijel (VUmc-GGZ inGeest/InHolland/Parnassia Groep) a joint grant of 510.000€ for research into smoking cessation among people with serious mental illness. People with serious mental illness (SMI) smoke more often compared to the general population. Smoking is the leading cause of […]

  • October 31st queen Maxima visited the department of Anatomy & Neurosciences in Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. After visiting the Imaging Center and some labs, she concluded her visit with an expert meeting on how research can lead to improvement in neuroscience and mental health care. Researchers and psychiatrists Hein van Marle and Christiaan Vinkers, also […]

  • Several research projects at our department recently started recruiting participants.  Good luck with recruiting! OPERA: the Netherlands study of Optimal, PERsonalized Antidepressant use.  arrIBA: effectiveness and working mechanism of a relatively new treatment for OCD: the Inference Based Approach (IBA). GRIP: effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy focused on suicide prevention (CBT-sp). URIS: Ultra-high Resolution Imaging of the […]

  • Last month we have sadly lost two of our most eminent and beloved colleagues. Jan Mokkenstorm (1962) passed away on July 8. He was a psychiatrist and founder of the 113-online organization for the prevention of suicide in the Netherlands. Throughout his career he has worked as a gifted clinician, researcher and advocate for our […]

  • Happy news from ZonMw! A group of researchers from the Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc and GGZ inGeest, led by Femke Lamers and Rick Jansen, have been awarded with a grant of €500.000 from ZonMw, the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development, to study personalized care options for persons with immuno-metabolic forms of depression. […]

  • Annual report 2018

    Our annual report 2018 is online!   Our annual report highlights our research projects and societal impact and provides an overview of our researchers and their research output.  Our research group is performing well. This becomes visible through the consistent high number of international, peer reviewed scientific papers produced by the research group. In total 289 […]

  • A unique worldwide collaboration on brain imaging in the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) shows that the structure the brain in OCD patients is characterized by specific but subtle alterations in the deep structures involved in emotion and behavior. Wednesday June 5th, Premika Boedhoe will defend her PhD thesis titled “The structure of the obsessive-compulsive brain: a […]