• A team of depression researchers from different organizations, led by psychiatrist Annemiek Dols of Amsterdam UMC, is awarded a grant of 740,000 euros from the Dutch organization for health research ZonMw. With the funding from ZonMw, the clinical scientists will compare two forms of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in people with therapy-resistant depression in their so-called […]

  • Annual report 2020 now online

    You can now find our Annual report 2020 online! Click on the image below to access it and read all about the achievements of the department in 2020. For our past annual reports, please visit this page.

  • Femke Lamers and Yuri Milaneschi, both assistant professors at Amsterdam UMC & GGZ inGeest have been awarded with a €500.000 grant from the Hersenstichting (The Brain Foundation Netherlands, to study the anti-inflammatory medication Celecoxib as add-on treatment for immune-metabolic depression. It is known that low grade inflammation is linked to depression and that anti-inflammatory […]

  • On Tuesday afternoon, April 6, Queen Máxima spoke online with researchers, psychiatrists, a general practitioner, and MIND, about the effects of the corona crisis on the mental health of the Dutch population. Christiaan Vinkers, as a psychiatrist and stress researcher, participated in this meeting and spoke with the Queen about the developments in the stress […]

  • Promising treatment for treatment-resistant OCD (TETRO trial)  With a grant of € 2.8 million, several hospitals and mental health institutions led by Amsterdam UMC will conduct research into a new, promising treatment for treatment-resistant compulsive disorders. The funding comes through the funding scheme for Potentially Promising Care of the National Health Care Institute and ZonMw. […]

  • Large genetic differences exist between psychiatric disorders, but these differences have rarely been studied. In a new study, Wouter Peyrot, psychiatrist and researcher in our group, compared eight psychiatric disorders based on data from very large numbers of patients. This study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from Harvard University and has been published this […]

  • In the current issue of the Lancet, Brenda Penninx published a state-of-the-art piece on Anxiety Disorders. She wrote this paper together with three international colleagues: Daniel Pine, Emily Holmes and Andreas Reif.  As they illustrate in their paper, anxiety disorders form the most common group of mental disorders and generally start before or in early adulthood. Core […]

  • A consortium of depression researchers, led by psychiatrist Annemiek Dols, receives 600,000 euro from the Dutch organization for health research ZonMw. With this ZonMw grant, the clinical scientists analyze and advance electroconvulsive therapy for people suffering from depression. The consortium is a good representation of a large national collaboration with eight different institutes on board. […]

  • Christiaan Vinkers, psychiatrist and researcher in our group, has been awarded a Vidi grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). This prestigious award, worth 800,000 euros, enables recipients to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group in the coming five years. He obtained the award for his proposal […]

  • How do you reduce the use of antidepressants safely and without major problems? That is a question that concerns many patients and physicians. Amsterdam UMC and Radboudumc in the Netherlands are going to investigate this with a ZonMw grant of 1.5 million euros. The TAPER-AD study is the first robust study worldwide to directly compare […]

  • Annual report 2019 online!

    The annual report 2019 is now available online! Our annual report highlights our research projects and societal impact and provides an overview of our researchers and their research output.  Our research group is performing well. This becomes visible through the consistent high number of international, peer reviewed scientific papers produced by the research group. In […]

  • On Thursday afternoon 24th, September Brenda Penninx received the senior Joannes Juda Groen Prijs for her research. This award is for researchers who have made a great contribution to interdisciplinary behavioral science.  Around the award ceremony, a small symposium with (inter)national speakers was held.