PROSPER, the Prediction and treatment outcome study in PTSD and personality disorders, is a project that takes place at the Sinai Center, a center specialized in psychotrauma in adults. For the department of psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc, prof. Odile van den Heuvel, Kathleen Thomaes and Chris Vriend are involved in this project.

    The PROSPER study aims to investigate if integrated trauma-related personality therapy is more effective than PTSS treatment in patients with PTSS and symptoms of a personality disorder.  In patients with PTSS and BPS, the effect of  EMDR vs. integrated EMDR/Dialectische Gedragstherapie (DGT) will be compared. In patients with PTSS and cluster C personlity problems, ImRs will be compared with integrated ImRs/Schematherapie. Also psychological and neurobiological markers, such as stress hormones and brain activity during an emotional faces task, will be studied.

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    PhD students: Inga Aarts and Aishah Snoek