Research projects department of psychiatry on elderly psychiatry and dementia

Currently active or recruiting:

  • ACC – Amsterdam Ageing Cohort (cohort study)
  • BLOK – pilot study fot treating sleep disorders in older patients with mood disorders
  • Brain Train – training for older bipolar patients
  • BrainFit – online cognitive training for older patients with mood disorders
  • DISTINCT – Dementia: Intersectorial Strategy for Training and Innovation Network for Current Technology (EU project)
  • DOBI – Dutch Older Bipolar Patients (cohort study)
  • INDUCT – improving dementia care using technology (EU Horizon 2020 project)
  • LASA – Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (longitudinal cohort study)
  • MODECT – Mood Disorders in Elderly treated with ECT
  • RECALL – Rivastigmine for ECT-included Cognitive Adverse effects in Late Life Depression
  • Social Brain Project – social behaviour in dementia and depression

Analyzing data:

  • NESDO – Netherlands Study of Depression in Older persons

Collaborative networks or consortia:

  • MEETINGDEM network- sharing community-based support in dementia
  • STAR – E-learning for caregivers of people with dementia