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Trauma & SMI

RESET – Psychotherapy

Research projects RESET (REStoring mood in Early life Trauma) – Psychotherapy Research project REStoring mood after Early life Trauma - the efficacy of trauma-focused therapy in patients with depression and childhood trauma [...]

RESET – Medication

Research projects RESET (REStoring mood in Early life Trauma) - Medication Research project The RESET-medication study is a 6-week double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trial testing the efficacy of a 1-week treatment of the [...]


Research projects REACT Research project Brain dynamics in childhood trauma-related depression Many psychiatric conditions, including major depressive disorder (MDD), have been increasingly associated with dysfunctions in brain-wide network connectivity. Such network [...]


Research projects PROSPER Research project PROSPER, the Prediction and treatment outcome study in PTSD and personality disorders, is a project that takes place at the Sinai Center, a center specialized in [...]


EarlyCause Research project It has been shown that early life stress can have long-lasting consequences on human health, and impact psychological and physiological processes later in life. Some of the diseases which are most [...]

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