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The human response to acute stress can be studied in detail in controlled settings, usually in a laboratory environment. To this end, many studies employ acute stress paradigms to probe stress-related outcomes in healthy and patient populations. The STRESS-EU database is a collaborative interdisciplinary initiative which combines (neuro)biological, physiological, and behavioral data across many acute stress studies and accelerate our understanding of the human acute stress response in health and disease. Currently, researchers from 12 international research groups and 6 different universities in the stress field collaborated to achieve an accurate inventory of (neuro)biological, physiological, and behavioral data from laboratory-based human studies that used acute stress tests. This database creates a unique framework that enables human stress research to take new avenues in explorative and hypothesis-driven data analyses with high statistical power.

Data can be submitted and requested on the stress database website.

Project Stress-EU

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Kim Veenman

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