Milou Sep, PhD

Psychologist and postdoctoral researcher

Milou S. C. Sep is psychologist at GGZ inGeest and postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Prof. Christiaan Vinkers at the department of psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC/VUmc. Her key interest is the between-individual variation in resilience to stress/trauma and its consequences for psychiatric disorders.

Milou studied Biomedical Sciences (BSc 2010), Clinical Psychology (BSc 2012; MSc 2015), and Neuroscience (MSc 2015) at Utrecht University. She acquired a prestigious personal NWO grant (2014) to execute her self-designed PhD project at UMC Utrecht and the Dutch Ministry of Defence, under the supervision of Prof. Marian Joëls and Dr. Elbert Geuze. Milou combined clinical and preclinical work in her PhD thesis (2021) on neurobiological variation in context encoding under stress and susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder. In her postdoctoral research, Milou focuses on individual stress system dynamics in major depressive disorder following childhood trauma.

Milou’s PhD thesis:


Milou Sep

Contact information

Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, Department of Psychiatry
Oldenaller 1, 1081 HJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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