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The TIPICCO project (TMS Induced Plasticity Improving Cognitive Control in OCD) is conducted as a joint project between the department of psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC/VUmc and GGZ inGeest.

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a form of non-invasive brain stimulation that uses magnetic pulses to induce electric currents in the brain. Early clinical trials have demonstrated that rTMS can be an effective treatment for OCD. However, the optimal stimulation protocols and the neurobiological working mechanisms are still unknown, making informed planning of treatment difficult.

The aim of the TIPICCO study is to investigate the brain effects of different protocols of combined rTMS and exposure/response prevention therapy. We will use multimodal neuroimaging to measure different aspects of brain structure and function before and after treatment. Techniques will include MRI, fMRI, EEG, and single-and double-pulse TMS. We will also monitor the effect of treatment on symptom severity and cognitive performance. Ultimately, this project will provide knowledge that will allow improved patient selection, choice of treatment parameters, prediction of treatment response and monitoring of treatment effects. These improvements will allow for the best use of resources and optimisation of clinical outcomes in future multicentre randomised controlled trials.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common (1-3% of the population) and disabling disorder. While medication and exposure therapy can be effective treatments for OCD, approximately 50% of people with OCD do not recover fully after initial treatment. Therefore there is a need for new, effective and long-lasting interventions.

Project - TIPICCO

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Sophie Fitzsimmons

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