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The arrIBA project is a large multicenter study conducted throughout the Netherlands, initiated by GGZ Centraal (dr. Henny Visser). The department of psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC/VUmc and GGZ inGeest are also involved in this project.

With the arrIBA (Alternative treatment to Reduce chronicity in OCD: Research Into Brain Response and Adequacy of treatment) study, we investigate the effectiveness and working mechanism of a relatively new treatment for OCD: the Inference Based Approach (IBA). The first choice treatment for OCD is currently Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but not all patients benefit from it. The arrIBA study aims to investigate whether IBA is as effective as CBT and could be offered as alternative treatment.

Over 200 OCD patients will participate, who will be treated with either IBA or CGT. The effectiveness of both modalities will be measured directly after treatment and after an additional 6 and 12 months. To unravel the working mechanisms of IBA and CGT, some of the participants will undergo MRI scans before and after treatment to investigate the effect on the brain. Additionally, we will study whether we can find patterns before treatment that tell us who will benefit from the treatment.

Project - ARRIBA

Contact information

PhD students: Nadja Wolf and Emma Koenen


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