De Nacht van…Sisco van Veen & Femke Lamers

NPO Radio 1 – De nacht van…22 April 2024

During the Dutch radio show ‘De Nacht van… Hoe Nederland ‘euthanasiast’ is geworden’ on the 22nd of April, postdoc researcher Sisco van Veen talks about euthanasia in psychiatry. Van Veen works as a psychiatrist at GGZ inGeest, part time researcher at Amsterdam UMC and 113 Zelfmoordpreventie. During this 1-hour interview he elaborates on suicide prevention vs. euthanasia, treatments in psychiatric care and media attention on these topics.

Sisco van Veen

NPO Radio 1 – De nacht van…2 May 2024

Femke Lamers hosted the X account @NL_Wetenschap at the end of April, beginning of May. During this week, Lamers shared all about her research, research activities and education. Additional to her X take-over she was invited to ‘De Nacht van…’ on the 2nd of May to talk about her research. In a 20-minute interview she elaborates on her role in Stress in Action, developing a data infrastructure and stress measurements with wearables, and her research into immunometabolic depression and treatment in the research projects of InflaMED and Percim.

Femke Lamers